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A&E Spotlight: Josephine Keir Ltd At Home in Five Points

Posted: Mar 21, 2018 7:03 PM
By Michael Sprouse


In this episode of the A&E Report, host Michael Sprouse visits Josephine Keir Ltd At Home in Five Points in Lewes, Delaware located at 33506 Crossing Avenue #5 (right behind the Walgreen's Drug Store). For thirty years, owner Josephine Keir has offered a broad range of beautiful oriental, contemporary and tribal rugs with a selection of fine art complimenting the design center for home furnishings of every type and style.

Unlike most decorative rugs offered megastore retail chains, Keir's rugs are carefully and skillfully woven by hand with natural fibers such as wool, silk or cotton and pigmented, non-synthetic dyes by amazingly talented artisans throughout the far east. Rugs using natural dyes result in more natural, less intense and saturated color. They are more complicated to make and require more expert knowledge than the synthetic dyes.

SnF6Vxe.jpgRather than simply follow computer generated patterns, the weavers of the rugs that Josephine Keir Ltd At Home offers are free to incorporate their own unique and stunning design concepts and artistic vision into the rugs incorporating intriguing texture and luxurious color resulting in a showcase rug that will last for generations. With proper care, the rugs often become exquisite family heirlooms and increase in value over time.

While these rugs are traditionally placed on floors, it's not unheard of for clients to display larger rugs on the wall resulting in a fine art, woven wall hanging that can transform the look and feel of a room in mere moments.

Josephine noted that another great aspect of the rug is their portability. A person can't remove the installed carpet from one location and bring it to the next. A rug from Josephine Keir Ltd At Home allows that option. In addition, changing the design of a room can become as simple as adding a new rug. They are incredibly durable, easy to care for and renowned for their longevity and comfort. Josephine Keir Ltd At Home also specializes in a wide array of original art work and superior quality, artisan designed and crafted furniture that compliments the beauty of the rugs. 

Host of the A&E Report and Coastal A&E on Delaware 105.9 FM, Michael Sprouse said that he was stunned by the beauty of the rugs on display. "Each different rug possessed its own unique visual concept and design. They were individual works of art. I learned more about the fine art of rug making while filming with Josephine and her son Gordon in two hours than I have learned in my entire life up to that point. It's a fascinating process and her expert knowledge is incredible," he added.

For more information about Josephine Keir Ltd At Home (including their new Milford, DE. location), visit www.josephinekeir.com.

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