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Newly Released Music Video Features Cape Henlopen State Park

Updated: Apr 3, 2018 4:24 PM
By Michael Sprouse

Those familiar with Cape Henlopen State Park will recognize certain scenes featured in the new video "Pink" recently released by the up-and-coming young rap artist and songwriter Jerran Kisean Sims.

Shot and produced by owner and director of Mosaic East Studios Jordan Gibson, (many will be familiar with Jordan's work as videographer of editor of the news features The Arts & Entertainment Report and Coastal Cuisine which weekly air on WRDE NBC), the video for "Pink" represents an artistic collaboration between Kisean Sims, Gibson and production assistant Brittany Neal (who also makes a cameo appearance in the video).

This is the third video produced for the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania based Jerran produced by Mosaic East Studios. The 21-year-old Kisean Sims, who only started rapping in 2016, has already performed in a variety of venues including recent concerts at Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans and Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania.

In an interview with host of The Arts & Entertainment Report Michael Sprouse, Jerran discussed the single and working with Gibson on the video. "The reason I go to Jordan for all of my videos," Jerran said during the interview, "is that I could tell when I first met him that he was very passionate about what he was doing and that he wasn't doing just because he thought it was cool or something that he could make money off of. I could tell that he really liked the aspect of making videos, making a video that means something."

"Jordan will come up with a plan for his vision of the video, but then he'll bring it to me and ask what I'm looking for before he discusses it. We put the plan together mutually. It's a collaborative process," he continued.

"When I look at these videos," Jerran added, "especially from someone just starting out like myself, I'm really happy with the quality and that it's something that people enjoy. I've had a lot of great feedback about them."

Jerran-who also records under the name Messiah for his more politically charged, harder edged rap songs like the soon to be released "Pray"-considers "Pink" more of a love ballad in homage to a relationship with a girl whose favorite color was pink. "It was written as a coping mechanism for me at the time about the relationship. Everything I write about in my songs are true," said Jerran. He's not certain if the woman at the center of the song has seen the video. "Maybe on social media, I don't know," he added.

Videographer Jordan Gibson shares a similar view about the video making process with Jerran. "This is my third time working with Jerran and I feel that every video we do together increases in overall quality. Having someone you can collaborate with frequently is a huge benefit because we're able to gain a concrete understanding of each other's creative processes and work off one another," he told Sprouse. "And that, to me, is what I love most about doing music videos--creating a piece that combines various artistic mediums into one cohesive project," he added.

Sprouse stated that he was very impressed by the video and the song. "Both Jerran and Jordan are still very young men with an already impressive body of work out there. I have no doubt that we will continue to see more great work from both individually and creatively in the not too distant future."

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