Harmful Bacteria Lurks in Delaware Bays
Posted: Sep 18, 2015 1:41 PM
By Jessi Starkey
Local scientists are researching to find solutions to the cloudy, contaminated water in the Delaware bays.

(DEWEY BEACH, Del.)- Harmful bacteria lurks in the Delaware bays. Local scientists are working to find out the best solutions to this messy problem.

Delaware Inland Bays Executive Director Chris Chris Bason said the chemicals are harmful to fish and plant life.

"The water is just so cloudy and dirty," Bason said. "There is so much nitrogen in the water."

He said this area thrives on fishing and clean water. They are working to make sure it stays that way.

"Clean water is a priority," Bason said. "It's the life of our economy here. It's good for people to speak their minds. It's good for people to talk about how important it is to have clean water."

Bason said the pollution problem is slowly improving, but the process to clean the water is not something that can happen overnight.

Friday marked 160 miles for Upstream Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to research and education concerning water quality. They are currently on a 500 mile kayaking trip around the Delmarva Peninsula. They are testing the water as well as studying fish and plant life to see how it is responding to the water in the bays.

"Some species of fish have stopped appearing altogether," Alex Krooks said. "We need to starting taking care of this. We need the younger generations to care about this."

Krooks said simple things like taking shorter showers, not using fertilizer or washing a full load of clothes can cut down on pollution in the bays.

Upstream Alliance will head to Ocean City for their next stop. They are documenting their data online through their website and social media accounts.

Learn more about their research at Delaware Inland Bays also welcomes volunteers to help with local water quality research.

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