Ocean City Air Show Bringing Fun & TRAFFIC!
Posted: Jun 15, 2017 6:17 PM
By Timothy Parker
(OCEAN CITY, Md.) - If you are coming to the 10th annual air show in Ocean City this weekend. Here are two words of advice.

"Come Early".

The air show will take place at the Boardwalk on Saturday and Sunday, attracting visitors from Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington, and more.

Streets are already blocked off from 12th street down to 20th street, especially on Baltimore Avenue.

The result will be lots and lots of traffic

One visitor from Virginia said, "The traffic is gonna be awful, and they block off a lot of side streets and everything that you can't park there because they unload all their stuff to put on the beach."

Jessica Waters, a town representative said, "People should expect there's going to be some traffic delays, especially after the event just like you go to a baseball game or a football game. When you're at any type of event that has a certain end time you can expect to wait a little while when you're leaving."

If you are coming to the OC air show, don't wait until the last minute.

One resident said, "I recommend getting out of your house before 7 o'clock to come watch it."

If you're in town and not coming to the show, you also need to be ready to face delays.

"We try to accommodate everyone, but we've put out a lot of notice. People should know ahead of time, so you definitely want to plan and prepare. It's really not that bad as long as you are prepared for it," said Waters

The town says the traffic problems caused by the air show is totally worth it because of what the event brings to Ocean City.

"It brings families to Ocean City. It's a great real family event. It's really the kickoff to a lot of families who are just getting out of school," Waters said.

"The planes are right there on the water. They do a lot of stuff with the water too. It's really one of the more family oriented events going one here in OC," one resident said.

The town is offering a beach bus park and ride with shuttle service from 17th street during the show weekend.

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