Lewes Garden Tour
Updated: Jun 18, 2017 10:08 PM
By Anthony Joseph
(LEWES,Del.)On Saturday the Lewes Chamber Of Commerce put on the 27th Annual Lewes Garden Tour. It was where gardeners and flower lovers enjoyed walking through nine private gardens and the five that were in town.

Betsy Reamer with the Lewes Chamber Of Commerce said why this is a great event.

"It is just a wonderful opportunity to get ideas for their own garden, and what they have created," said Reamer.

Reamer said the Garden Tour features old and new gardens and unique landscaping.On the tour, you will stop by the garden of Stan Divorski.

His garden has Oriental Lilies, Hotsas and Herbs such as thyme,Japanese Parsley,and Basil.Divorski spends hours each night sitting outside near this garden.

"I like the fish pond the most and I find it tranquil and soothing," said Divorski.

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