Exclusive Interview With KKK Member in Sussex County
Posted: Aug 15, 2017 5:40 PM
By Timothy Parker
(SUSSEX COUNTY, Del.) - WRDE's Timothy Parker talked to one member of a new age KKK group in an exclusive interview.

TP: You are a member of the Exalted Knights of the KKK, What's your group all about?

Klan Member: Basically, the group message is bringing awareness and God back into the country, about keeping the races separate. Basically, we want to preserve our culture and we want the two races to live separately. We are about white separation but not white superiority.

TP: Why do you believe the races should be separate?

Klan Member: Minorities I'd say make up 52 percent of this country, yet they commit the highest crime rates. If you separate the races then you literally see the others kill each other off. I mean white people don't have to kill white people because they're doing it for us."

TP: What do you think about events that took place in Charlottesville? What's your reaction to that?

Klan Member: I was surprised that more people weren't killed, to be honest with you. I supported the Unite The Right rally there. For people to say, these monuments trigger them or they find them offensive or racist - that's like me saying I find the Martin Luther King Memorial offensive. How would people feel if I wanted that removed?

TP: On your website, you promote the idea of white Christianity. That's your focus. But in the new testament there's a scripture that talks about in Christ There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female. In today's language that pretty much means no white or black either. How do you defend your stance based on that scripture?

Klan Member: Let's just say some time ago the man upstairs felt strongly about something and I felt otherwise

TP: Here in Delaware. Do you believe there's a lot of white separatists in the area?

Klan Member: Oh yes. In fact, there is I know there is. I personally know for a fact there is, and actually a high number. A lot of these individuals practice what our Klan's motto is the invisible empire. You don't know who we are, where we are, but we are there.

TP: What do you see when you see me?

Klan Member: Just another person. If you are a law abiding tax paying American then you're the exception. But if you're a drug dealing street thug, heroin dealer then you definitely have something to worry about. "
The Klan member says he supported President Trump's campaign, but he doesn't believe the President supports white supremacy.

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