Limited Parking Prompts Calls for Enforcement in Snow Hill
Posted: Sep 13, 2017 4:19 PM
By Nicole Edenedo
(SNOW HILL, Md.) - Limited street parking pestering local business in downtown Snow Hill have prompted some to call for enforcement.

As another day at the Daily Brew Coffeehouse got underway Wednesday morning, owner Lorissa McAllister had one thought on her mind.

"We're one of the businesses where people run in, grab their coffee and want to run out. The more accessible the parking is and shopping downtown, the more business we're going to have downtown," said McAllister, who opened the coffeehouse last year.

Thirty-minute parking signs are posted outside of the coffeehouse but McAllister said that hasn't stopped people from staying for hours.

"For customers especially it's a little difficult because we get a lot of the lawyers who are going to the courthouse, who will park right in front of the shop," she said. "They're there for a long time."

Clothing store owner Anna Jones can relate. Her shop Retag'd on Pearl Street is right in front of the courthouse.

The town says a 100-space public parking lot on Green Street is available but Jones says it's easy to miss without visible signage.

"My business definitely relies on parking. Convenient parking," said Jones. "I think that we could utilize our parking lots a little more. Signage, number one. I lived here for months before I even knew there was a parking lot on Green Street."

McAllister said a parking authority could also be useful.

"Enforcement, for sure. We have the time limit signs. Without a parking authority it kind of falls on our local police which is in its own way kind of an annoyance," said McAllister.

Two hour parking is offered throughout the town plus two public lots.

Town management officials said Wednesday that the two public parking lots in town should provide an ample of spaces for visitors and business owners alike. Snow Hill's Code Enforcer, Jon Hill, said there are no plans at this time to enforce stricter parking regulations in town.

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