Laurel Middle School Paints for the Future
Posted: Dec 5, 2017 4:55 PM
By A.J. Clemente
The final legacy mural project, the first initiative of the Joshua M. Freeman Foundation's Arts in Education program, is set to begin Tuesday, Dec. 5, at Laurel Middle School.

The mural project provides an opportunity to bolster confidence and inspiration within the student body. It also offers students an opportunity to experience the visual arts first hand, and provide a visual legacy in their school for future students.

"I think its actually pretty awesome that we are going to have the experiment to tell our kids if we have any we went to Laurel middle school and we have a mural on the wall made by us and inspired by us." Said Student Madison Myers.

Local artist John Donato leads students throughout the project as he assists them in developing ideas and painting the mural pieces.

"This project today is the last one we are painting book spines. Which will reflect all the children and the teacher's perspectives on integrity and dignity and positive character attributes," said Donato.

Laurel Middle School will be the 12th school in Sussex County to participate in this project; fulfilling the Foundation's goal of having a mural in all middle schools in the county.

"Tonight there can be a community night from 5 pm to 7 pm here were parents, siblings the community, the school board is all invited to come out and paint and I believe the first lady will be coming later in the week." Said, Molly Williams of the Joshua M. Foundation.

The project will be revealed December 19th.

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