Georgetown Couple Helping Homeless In Georgetown
Posted: Dec 6, 2017 5:47 PM
By Timothy Parker
(GEORGETOWN, Del.) - A happy couple is doing its part to help a community in Georgetown many ignore every day... the homeless.

Mike Williams is a pastor at Georgetown Presbyterian Church. Linda Williams is a supervisor at the ACE center, a beacon of hope for people on the streets.

"Our focus is on the recovery of people and to come in here and work on themselves," Linda said.

For over a month Freddie Carswell had nowhere to call home.

"I was at Purdue live hanging and I lost my job, and after that a month later everything just went downhill," said Carswell

Carswell is just one of over 30 people a day who come to the center looking for temporary and permanent shelter, hot food, a hot shower, and looking for jobs online thanks to the staff of volunteers at ACE.

They even give free cell phones, and now Carswell is ready to get back to work.

"I'm getting to another job this week Tuesday thank the Lord," he added.

The Georgetown Police Department met with Williams and other leaders in the community last week about ways to fight homelessness.

"We do have a pretty big population. It's a quiet population, and so it's not really visible," Mike Williams said.

"People are not out there who look homeless. A lot of people sleep in their cars," added Linda.

The church is doing its part to help out the homeless. opening up this fellowship hall as shelter.

"It's kind of a dangerous weather shelter. When it's thunderstorms hurricanes, cold weather we bring people in," said Mike.

The ACE Center will have a special holiday dinner party on December 22nd with the help of the church.

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