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BVSPCA, PetSmart Charities Opens Cat Adoption Center in Rehoboth

Episode Date: February 12, 2018

(REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.) - Frederick Steel and Katelyn Roberts have always wanted a bigger family, and now, they have one thanks to a new state-of-the-art cat adoption center located in Rehoboth Beach.

“I’m happy. We don’t have any cats at our house right now. We have a dog who loves cats, so we wanted to have a cat and make it complete. The cat and dog, you know, it's a complete family,” said Steel.

Steel and Roberts were the first people to adopt a cat out of the new adoption center. They said their new family member named Pumpkin was a “purr-fect” fit.

“I like his coloring the most, but I also like big chunky cats,” laughed Steel. “Obviously, he’s not a little guy. I, myself, am a little fluffy, so we needed a cat that matched my personality.”

“We’ve always been animal people,” smiled Roberts. “I’m just really happy that we got to find a cute, adorable cat like [Pumpkin] and take him home and love on him like what he needs… a forever home.”

Supported by Brandywine Valley SPCA and PetSmart Charities, the cat adoption center is located in the new PetSmart store (located at 19563 Coastal Highway, Unit #5) in Rehoboth Beach.

“Our 7-day cat adoption center has a free-roam, real-life room, so the cats can stretch, they can run around, they can play and exercise,” explained Walt Fenstermacher, BVSPCA director of operations. “The center also has six cat kennels, where the cats have basically a condo where they have a playroom, and then they have a separate bathroom if you will. And then we also have a meet-and-greet room where folks who are looking for new cats can get to know one of the cats that we have up for adoption.”

Fenstermacher also says the new center can house up to a dozen cats of all different ages and breeds at any given time. He says BVSPCA and PetSmart Charities hope to find homes for more than 100 cats through this location in 2018.

“All of the cats that are here looking for new homes have already been spayed or neutered,” said Fenstermacher. “They’re up to date on age-appropriate vaccines. They’ve been micro-chipped and given flea and tick prevention, so they really have a good foundation to go into the new family.”

The new cat adoption center is open every day during PetSmart store business hours, which are Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.