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Bakery owner talks need for healthier dog treats

Episode Date: February 26, 2018

(MILLSBORO, Del.) - National Dog Biscuit Day may be over, but here at Tail Bangers in Millsboro it’s celebrated year-round.

"Every day is National Dog Biscuit Day here at Tail Bangers. I mean, you come in, you do a bakery tour and your dog leaves with his name on a bone and you have a good time doing it,” said Lisa St. Clair, bakery owner.

Inspired by her own dogs, St. Clair officially opened her business in 2004.

“One of them got sick and it made me research the pet industry. Once I started researching it I wanted to get involved in it,” explained St. Clair. “I started researching pet nutrition and I realized the need for healthier dog treats and dog food.”

St. Clair says the business started off doing small craft shows, but now it sells to nearly 2,500 stores nationwide.

“It’s a little hard to believe sometimes,” said St. Clair. “You don’t start out thinking along those lines, at least I didn’t, but it’s kind of grown organically over the years and dogs continue to like our treats.”

So what exactly sets her dog treats apart from the rest?

“A lot of dog treats say that they’re all natural, they’re all healthy and everything, but ours are actually made with human-grade ingredients, meaning that you can eat them,” explained St. Clair. “There’s nothing in our dog treats that you can’t eat – there’s peanut butter, whole wheat flour, whole rolled oats, eggs… they’re healthier than what most people ingest.”

If you do try to taste one, St. Clair says you might need a cup of coffee to go with it since there’s no sugar added.

“They’re a little drier,” laughed St. Clair. “But you can basically take a bite right out of our dog treats and feel safe that nothing bad is going to happen.”

Today, Tail Bangers producers anywhere from 16,000 to 25,000 cookies per day.

“I’m one of those people that’s not going to feed my dog something that I won’t eat. I don’t know for sure what’s in somebody else’s dog treats, but I know for sure what’s in mine,” said St. Clair. “It just makes sense, and I want customers to know that they can feel the same way about our treats.”

In an effort to raise money for local rescues, Tail Bangers is hosting an Easter Egg Hunt for dogs and kids on Saturday, March 24. There’s an entry fee of $10 per dog, but kids are free. Kids will get to cut out and decorate cookies with the bakers.