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Bassetts Ice Cream At Kaisy's Delights!

Episode Date: May 4, 2018
Philadelphia based Bassetts Ice Cream is the country's oldest existing ice-cream shop. It’s a fifth generation, family owned and operated business dating back to 1861. Many say that it also produces the best ice cream in the United States.


One of the reasons the ice cream is so amazingly popular and delicious could be its high butterfat content at 16.4 percent. That decadent number is a major element in the Bassetts Ice Cream experience—fortunately for residents of and visitors to Delmarva, they don’t have to share in the experience solely at the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia thanks to Kaisy’s Delights® located both in Rehoboth Beach and Lewes, Delaware.


Together with his wife Natalie, Thierry Langer opened the first Kaisy’s Delights® three years ago this as of this month in downtown Rehoboth. Their main claim to culinary fame on Delmarva is their signature dish the delicious Kaisy®—the buttery, fluffy Austrian Hungarian shredded pancake—also known as a Kaiserschmarrn. But they soon realized that man does not survive on the Kaisy® alone which led them to introduce a variety of other Austrian-Hungarian specialties on the menus in their colorful pink and green shops like mouth-watering breakfast sandwiches, freshly made to order omelets, latkes, and – Bassetts Ice Cream.


While Thierry is quick to mention that Bassetts deeply satisfying sweet treat is not of the Austrian-Hungarian empire, they both came into existence around the same time—"so that counts”, he said with a wink. In this episode of Coastal Cuisine (which airs every Friday evening during the Live At 5 and 11 PM newscasts and again on Saturday morning during the NBC TODAY show on WRDE NBC CoastTV), host Michael Sprouse joins his friend Thierry for a casual conversation about what makes Bassetts Ice Cream so unique and why it’s a perfect topping for the buttery Kaisy® (especially when topped with their home-made whipped cream or chocolate sauce) or in a cone, or one of their cheerful, little pink paper cups.


Sprouse said that he first tried Bassetts Ice Cream several years ago in Philadelphia at the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. “I was blown away by how incredible the ice cream is. It’s easy to understand why it’s so popular still after more than 150 years. The fact that you can get it now at Kaisy's Delights® at either of the locations only makes that sweet treat that much more sweeter.”


Kaisy's Delights® has two locations—70 Rehoboth Avenue in downtown Rehoboth Beach and at 1548 Savannah Rd. in Five Points in Lewes, Delaware. The Lewes location also offers a convenient drive-thru where you can order any menu item.


More about Kaisy's Delights® online at




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