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Doggy daycare, spa opens in Dewey Beach

Episode Date: July 30, 2018

(DEWEY BEACH) - Dogs in Dewey Beach have a new place to play, stay and even get a therapeutic massage.

New to the scene, the Taj-Ma-Howl officially opened its doors Saturday, July 7th in Dewey Beach. The doggy daycare offers a wide array of pet services, including dog sitting and spa treatments.

"It turned out immaculate. The construction crew did a fabulous job. Business has been really good the first few weeks,” said owner and president Jim Caperelli. “It's so unique because it's right here on the ocean, that's what sets it apart. The dogs get walked on the beach in the mornings on the ocean and then right around the corner is Dagsworthy Avenue, which has a beach on the bay. So they get walked throughout the day on the beach on the bay — that's really unique because most doggy day care facilities do not have that. Clients love the fact that, either way you look at it, the dogs get walked on the beach."

Caperelli says the pet population is expected to grow by 20 percent in the next decade. He also says the pet industry was the number one business in the United States last year in terms of growth at 11.6 percent.

"People have been commenting on how much this was needed in Dewey. We went through multiple hearings to have this approved. Planning Commissioners... that was a unanimous vote, then that went to the Mayor and his Council and then we had got approved on that and that was all public hearings. So the public, Dewey residents, were able to show up and voice their opinions,” explained Caperelli.

“You know, Dewey claims to be one of the most pet-friendly beaches on the East Coast, but yet there wasn't one business here related to pets. So obviously, this was very much needed.”

Caperelli says pet-friendly hotel owners were among some of the community members who fought for the new doggy day care the most.

“It gets the dogs out of the hotel rooms. [The dogs] get to go to day care and people can go to the beach, they go to dinner or go play golf and the dogs don't have to stay in a hotel room they can come to Taj Ma Howl for the day,” said Caperelli. "The town of Dewey Beach changed the entire zoning code to allow this. That's not easy in Dewey Beach. So that's how much people realized [it was needed]. It's catching on... they're in Rehoboth, they're down in Ocean City, and yet for some reason Dewey Beach did not have one so I thought hey, I'd go for it, and it ended up working out."

The Taj-Ma-Howl is located off Coastal Highway bayside between Dagsworthy and McKinley Avenues. It is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.