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Peach Pie In A Glass? Yes! At Brick Works Brewing & Eats in Smyrna, DE!

Episode Date: April 20, 2018
Brick Works Brewing And Eats located at 230 S Dupont Blvd in Smyrna, Delaware hosts a monthly beer release party, but with a twist. You get to keep the collectable glass that the beer is served in. In this episode of Coastal Cuisine, that glass happens to be filled with their delicious concoction called Princess Peach Pie Ale.


It’s a fruit beer, but rather than tasting identical to Delaware’s favorite fruit —the peach—it tastes more like a fresh from the oven Peach Pie/Cobbler complete with a hint of whipped cream and graham cracker crust. Is your mouth watering yet? Flavored beers seem to be all the rage in The First State renown for microbreweries and delicious craft beers that will satisfy even the most discriminating palate. Brick Works Marketing Director Lauren Bigelow mentioned during the interview that “people want to drink beers that tastes like things that they know.”


If that’s the case, then Brick Works has mastered the ability to supply their patrons with the opportunity.  Brick Works head brewer Justin Colatrella has struck gold (or maybe “amber”) with Princess Peach Pie Ale. The Brick Works website describes the brew as having been crafted “with a wicked malt blend that gives off flavors of caramelization and pie crust. Also, a massive amount of peach puree was added in secondary to give it the bright aroma and up-front flavor of peaches.”


Correct on all accounts. It’s crisp and light tasting, but with the perfect blend of ingredients that give it that decadent dessert finish. It also seems to be a perfect beer (with a relatively low ABV of 5.6%) for the upcoming warmer weather. The beer became incredibly popular and it didn’t last long. People know a good thing when they see it—or more applicably— taste it. Peach pie in a glass? Count me in! 

And let’s talk about that collectible glass. First, know that they go quickly as the beer release parties are understandably popular events at Brick Works meaning that they are on hand until they run out. Stamped with the logo of that month’s release, the glasses have proven quite collectible and according to Lauren, several regulars have managed to collect all the glasses since they Brick Works started making them available. Coastal Cuisine’s cameraman and videographer Jordan Gibson of Mosaic East Studios even managed to get one safely home even while hauling the camera equipment back to his jeep.


You can expect to see more Coastal Cuisine features from Brick Works Brewing And Eats and we’re particularly excited about making it to one of their upcoming beer paring dinners (another popular event on Delmarva). I’m just wondering if for their next release part, if I’ll be able to make it in time to take home one of those cool glasses. For more about Brick Works Brewing And Eats, visit them online at Here’s to good taste! 

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