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Release Your Inner Viking At The Brimming Horn Meadery in Milton!

Episode Date: April 13, 2018
To say that mead has a long history is an understatement. It was the favored drink of the Vikings, has several mentions in Beowulf-the oldest surviving long poem in Old English dating back to at least 975-and it can even be traced back to Chinese pottery vessels from 7000 BC.

Fortunately, thanks to The Brimming Horn Meadery located at 28615 Lewes-Georgetown Highway in Milton, Delaware, you won't need a time machine to indulge in the ancient and luscious, fermented honey beverage.

Co-owned by Brimming Horn President and Mead-maker Jon Talkington along with JR Walker (Brimming Horn's Vice President), the meadery (which opened in July of 2017) offers a wide selection of mouthwatering craft meads that will deeply satisfy both the curious new-comer and the seasoned mead devotee.

In this episode of Coastal Cuisine, Host Michael Sprouse indulges the aromatic beverage for the first time during his visit to Brimming Horn over a flight of meads as selected by Jon and JR.

"I came in here," Sprouse said, "having absolutely no idea what to expect. I imagined mead to be this heavy, murky brew that you would slosh down from a tankard like a crazy Viking, but it was nothing like that at all." "It's truly delicious, smooth and very easy to drink. The tastes of honey and the different infusions of fruits and flowers come through as well, almost in waves on the tongue. I'll definitely not be a stranger to mead any longer."

Jon has been brewing mead most of his adult life having first started experimentally after learning about the fermentation process as a young man. Over the years, he has fine-tuned his mead making skill-and his immense knowledge of the history of mead, the Viking Age and other aspects of Germanic myths and folklore-into the memorable mead experience offered by a visit to The Brimming Horn Meadery.

The fact that one of Jon's meads, Freya's Kiss, recently won the silver medal beating out more than 450 competitors from across the globe at the Mazer Cup International (the largest Mead Competition in the world) serves as an award-winning testament to that fact.

JR Walker shares Jon's enthusiasm for mead and all things Viking. Along with friends and family, they designed and hand built the unique, warm interior of The Brimming Horn Meadery from the hefty, hand-hewn wooden bar (cleverly made to resemble a Viking ship) to the carefully selected accents which range from Viking shields and swords to an impressive antler chandelier. Even the flights of mead are served up in miniature Viking ships with each sample numbered to match the offerings from the tasting board.

Both the charismatic Jon and JR are happy to discuss the nuances of each mead and share their vast knowledge of the ancient craft and its culture. Sipping mead and chatting it up with these two aficionados is like receiving a history lesson in a glass - only smoother, honeyed and certainly unforgettable.

Bottles of Brimming Horn mead are available for purchase at the meadery for home enjoyment (or as an impressive gift) as well as some very fun merchandise including t-shirts, hats and mugs. Don't forget to ask Jon or JR about their upcoming Viking Day event this summer!

The Brimming Horn Meadery is open on Fridays from 12 PM- 7 PM (with tastings from 12 PM - 7 PM), Saturdays from 12 PM - 7 PM (with tastings from 12 PM - 5 PM and full pours 5 PM - 7 PM) and Sunday from 12 PM - 4 PM (with tastings 12 PM - 4 PM). Outside food is permitted and they are a child and pet friendly establishment. For more about Brimming Horn Meadery, visit them online at


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