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Maryland Consumers Recover More Than $11.7 Million in Claims Settlements and Disputes

Posted: Feb 15, 2018 5:25 PM

(Baltimore, Md) - Maryland Insurance customers received more than $11.7 million in settlements and refunds last year.

The Maryland Insurance Administration says they responded to more than 12,000 consumer complaints in 2017.
According to the Insurance Administration they cannot actually settle the claims, agency employees explain the claims process and investigate and help correct improprieties which can lead to a favorable resolution for the consumer.

In addition to helping consumers recover monies through the complaint investigation and fraud processes, the Insurance Administration also conducts examinations of insurance companies to ensure compliance with Maryland insurance laws. If the agency finds that an insurer failed to pay claims properly, the MIA can order restitution payments, including interest. In 2017, Insurance Administration exams resulted in $7,085,445 in consumer restitution and an additional $2,110,499 in administrative penalties on insurers, which were remitted to the State's General Fund.

"The Maryland Insurance Administration is the state agency you can turn to if you have a question or a problem that relates to insurance. Ordering restitution is just one of the many tools in our toolbox we use to help protect and recover Maryland residents' hard-earned money every day," said Insurance Commissioner Al Redmer, Jr. "We are here for Maryland citizens when they need help resolving issues with carriers or understanding how the insurance markets operate."

Consumers can file complaints with the Insurance Administration about any type of insurance, but most complaints relate to automobile insurance, homeowners insurance, and health insurance. The Insurance Administration helps consumers by:
• Providing information about different types of insurance coverages;
• Suggesting actions or procedures that consumers may take which may help resolve insurance issues with carriers;
• Obtaining information or explanations on a consumer's behalf from the insurance company;
• Investigating a company's action(s) to determine compliance with state law and regulations;
• Ordering a company to take corrective action for violations of state insurance laws and, regulations.
The Insurance Administration Consumer Education and Advocacy Unit also provides free insurance-related information and guidance to consumers throughout the state and offers a wide variety of consumer publications online and on the agency website:
To file a complaint concerning a property & casualty insurer, life and health insurer, or producer (including any licensed insurance professional or authorized insurance assistance personnel), or to report fraudulent insurance-related activity, consumers can contact the following departments at the Maryland Insurance Administration:
• Property & Casualty Insurance Complaints: 410-468-2340
• Life & Health Insurance Complaints: 410-468-2244
• Producer Complaints: 410-468-2000
• Insurance Fraud Tip Line: 800-846-4069