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Local Artist Pours Dose of Reality in Wine-Based Art

Posted: Feb 19, 2018 2:41 AM
By Nicole Edenedo

(LEWES, Del.) - It's not uncommon for a lifelong artist like Kim Klabe to explore new ways to make her art, from paint to pastel.

But Klabe is now venturing into a new medium: wine and beer.

"I was literally just sitting at the kitchen table with this brand new set of shiny markers and some watercolor paper, and I do like wine so that's usually around. It ended up being a very freeing, creative kind of experiment," the Rehoboth Beach-based artist said during a live demonstration at the Peninsula Gallery in Lewes Sunday afternoon.

Klabe's wine pour art works are one of a kind and are currently on display at Peninsula, as well as the Rehoboth Art League and Gallery 50.

As the wine flows freely onto her canvas, the ideas of what she'll create from it flow just as naturally out of her mind. A piece she poured the day before at the gallery dried overnight, launching her creative process of outlining the stains and filling irregular shapes with colors, faces and characters.

"This is one that's in process that I started yesterday. And this is actually going to be a superhero pour, all females. So I'm trying to do a very feminine piece that's about feminine strength and power," Klabe said of the piece she plans to submit in an upcoming female artist show this spring.

Other local artists support Klabe's innovative technique and the many messages behind her work.

"I love the political side of Kim's work. I think it's very bold. I've been an admirer or Kim's work for a while and wanted to see it in person and i love this new series," G.W. Thompson said, a local abstract artist.

As abstract as they might seem, Klabe's works are actually recognizable. Many inspired by recent national headlines - some evoking laughter or offense.

"Some of the titles that are political are coming right from the headlines, coming right from the news. So I'm trying to time stamp, 'ok, this is what was happening when I created that.' This has been a way for me personally to process some of the difficulty that's been in the news," Klabe said.

Provocative or otherwise, Klabe's work makes for interesting conversation and a local pastime productive.

The wine pour art exhibit will be featured at the Peninsula Gallery through March 18.