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Economic Development in Seaford

Posted: Jul 5, 2018 8:14 PM
By Mallory Metzner

(SEAFORD, Del.) - In recent years, Seaford has seen the investment of new infrastructures as well as the renewal of present infrastructures. A new residence place and Oyster House are among the establishes popping up along the Nanticoke River. Businesses in Seaford are looking to prosper from recent economic development. The investment of new infrastructures as well as renonovation of present infrastructures can be seen downtown as well as along the Nanticoke River. Seaford was incorporated after the Civil War in 1865. Over the years several properties have changed hands. The town used to be a hub for nylon production for DuPont, but once that fabric was no longer in fashion, DuPont sold its factory that rests just ouside of city limits to Invista. Trisha Newcomer, Director of Economic Development and Community Affairs says: "Seaford obviosuly had a huge downturn when we lost the DuPont plant a few years ago but the community as a whole has been able to be resilient enough to keep going. In the past couple of years we've seen some new businesses come in. Our industrial park is at full capacity." The Mayor and Council are looking into several new infrastructure investments including one that would allow businesses to locate along Route 13 cooridor. Mayor David Genshaw says that everything Seaford does is focused on economic development, whether it's for infrastructure, the budget, or how employees are rated. "This last year we passed Right to Work. We were very proud that City Council came together unanimously and voted that in and we've been full-force reaching out to companies and groups that would help us spread that word." Another construction project that's well underway actually began back in 2015. The Residences at River Place has one apartment building with tenants already settled in. Newcomer says that the second building is in the works. Dan Henderson, Vice Mayor and Councilman expresses excitement about a new Oyster House. "This is a project that's going to have a moniker of the National Park Service on it and we hope to develop our tourism through that." In fact, the Chesapeake Bay Conservancy presented to the Mayor and Council their project for this Oyster House just last week. It'll be located at the end of Canon Street along the Nanticoke River. The full focus in this town is to attract new entrepreneaurs and busineeses while benefitting those already present. More businesses in store for Seaford residents and visitors include a Royal Farms that's under construction across the street from City Hall and a Wawa set to pop up on Route 13. Chick-Fil-A is in the planning and zoning phase which means the city could see this franchise in its limits within the next couple of years.