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Flags From Military Display Go Missing

Posted: Jul 10, 2018 8:10 PM
By Mallory Metzner

(BRIDGEVILLE, Del.) - Two American Flags from the Heritage Shores Veterans Club's "Flags For Heroes" display have vanished. All that remains are their poles. This is believed to be a robbery. Each year the Heritage Shores Veterans Club installs over 200 flags just before the 4th of July as part of a Flags For Heroes program to honor those who have served. In fact, this display goes up three other times each year: Memorial Day, Patriots Day, and Veterans Day. Two flags from this year's 4th of July display have gone missing.The first flag was reported missing the night of the 4th and the second disappeared on the 7th. Heritage Shores does have security cameras, but the area these flags were in is not monitored. Two dog tags adorn each flag, one with the name of the person who purchases it and the other with the name of the veteran it is purchased for. It was easy to determine whose flags went missing based on a numerical system that tracks each flag's location. Each pole is numbered so that families can track the location of their flag on a military website run by the Heritage Shores Veterans Club. When they find out their number, they can go look at the layout and the layout shows exactly where the flag is. The Heritage Shores Veterans Club is confident that this was a robbery because the flags are attached to their poles with rings. When two were discovered missing, both the flags and dog tags had been removed along with the rings and all that remained were the poles. It's not the monetary value of those flags or what they cost. The cost lies in the fact that these flags are installed to honor people who have served and stealing them is an act of disrespect to both them and their families. The familes of the missing flags have been notified and the Club says that they will take care of replacing them in time for the next display and the Heritage Shores Veterans Club asks that whoever stole the flags return them to the lobby in their Clubhouse. As of now the motive of this theft is unknown but the case has been reported to the Bridgeville Police. Ther Heritage Shores says that with so many people coming in and out of the communtiy, it could have been anyone. This is the 7th year of the display. The Heritage Shores Veterans Club started out with 79 flags and they now have nearly 250. The same flags go up all 4 times out of the year as new ones are added. The next display is set to be on by Patriots Day.