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Animal Bone Among Skeletal Remains Found at West Ocean City Beach

Posted: Aug 8, 2018 9:28 PM
By Nicole Edenedo

(WEST OCEAN CITY, Md.) - New details emerge surrounding the mysterious container found on a West Ocean City beach with skeletal remains inside. A shoulder blade, or scapula, belonging to a deer is one of the contents Maryland State Police dive teams recovered from the water Wednesday afternoon at Homer Gudelsky park on Old Bridge Road. The scapula was among the skeletal remains discovered in a container that an out-of-state couple stumbled upon while boating Tuesday morning. Inside the container, the couple found a bone of unknown origin, prompting an investigation. Lieutenant Edward Schreier with the Worcester County Sheriff's office said Wednesday that the container was determined to be an aged barrel in deteriorating condition due to an unspecified amount of time spent in the water. High tide buried the barrel overnight prompting police dive teams to carefully extract its contents while still in the water on day two of the investigation, mainly due to its fragility and the need to preserve as much as evidence as possible. Based on its physical characteristics and length, Schreier said the bone found Tuesday may be a tibia or a fibula, which are bones found in the leg. The bone also had a hollow center, indicative of bone marrow that was once present. The state medical examiner is currently investigating both pieces of bone found at the site. The medical examiner will determine whether or not the bone belongs to an animal or a human. If bone is ruled human, a criminal investigation will follow. "Due to the tides and shifting sands, this bone could've fallen into the top of it when it went through with the current. It doesn't mean that this bone was in the barrel at the time the barrel was put in the water," Schreier said. The rest of the contents found in the barrel were ruled out as evidence by dive teams. Police concluded the search just after 2 p.m. Beach visitors at the site weren't the least bit phased by the police activity but are curious to know the whole story. "We talked to one of the divers this morning when we first got here because we didn't know if we'd be able to come to the beach or not," said Donna Aydelotte, who was visiting the beach with her grandchildren. "There's lots of strange things going on in the world and I pray to god when they find it, that it is an animal and not a person." Locals said the beach at Homer Gudelsky park is known as "Stinky Beach" because over the years body parts have washed ashore there, including a severed foot.