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BVSPCA Assists Backyard Breeder with 161 Dogs

Posted: Aug 10, 2018 8:27 PM
By Mallory Metzner

(GEORGETOWN, Del.) - The Brandywine Valley SPCA finds themselves with 54 new dogs after being contacted by the Office of Animal Welfare about a kennel operator in Georgetown who needed help with some animals. 15 staff members from the SPCA, including two veterinarians, responded and found 161 dogs on the property. Walt Fenstermacher, Director of BVSPCA in Delaware, says, "Once we arrived there, we realized it was, in fact, a backyard breeder who was a licensed kennel operator as well. So the conditions we found the animals in kind of varied. Some of them were older. They were no longer breeding dogs. Some of them were as young as newborn puppies. We put hands on every animal and made sure that they were up to date on age-appropriate vaccinations and that if there were any animals who needed immediate medical care that we were able to provide that and had those animals surrendered to our organization." The SPCA doesn't have the authority to remove all of the animals which is why only those who were surrendered could be taken to the shelter. The homeowner requested that 4 dogs be returned so a staff member took them back the very next day. "We worked with this owner who was simply overwhelmed with the number of animals that had accumulated on her property so we wanted to work with her and actually work with her to identify those that needed the most medical care just so that we could get her down to a more manageable number," Fenstermacher says. This black pug is Rosy. She's one of the rescues acquired from that property and she just may have found her new home. "I lost my pug two years ago. I would love to have another pug. This one is missing his right eye. I had a stroke in my right eye so I'm pretty much blind in it so we would make a good pair I do believe," says James Boyd of Milton. The paperwork has been filled out and once approved and Rosy is ready for adoption, her new owner will come back to take her home. The Office of Animal Welfare is still investigating this case and at this time, the location of the breeder is not being released at this time. However, they have been issued corrective notices for unsanitary conditions and medical issues. The Brandywine Valley SPCA is asking for donations to offset the costs for the emergency boarding, spay/neutering, and medical care of the dogs. The visit to the backyard kennel in Georgetown cost more than $20,000. Donations can be made at or by mail to: Brandywine Valley SPCA, 22918 Dupont Boulevard, Georgetown, DE 19947.