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Flags For Heroes Funds Donated and Participants Honored

Posted: Oct 9, 2018 9:41 PM
By Mallory Metzner

(LEWES, Del.) - Back in May, 500 American flags fanned the skies outside of the Cape Henlopen High School as part of a Lewes-Rehoboth Rotary Cub fundraiser that gives back to the community while honoring its heroes. The rotary club is now expressing their gratitude to those who participated and giving back to the community. Jim Ruth is a member of the Lewes-Rehoboth Rotary Club and the event coordinator for the celebration that thanks all of the Flags For Heroes sponsors and contributors. "We raised $42,000 all going to local charities and we want to honor the folks who helped make this happen," says Ruth. The president of the club, Jason Bentley, explains where all of the funds go. "We funded some scholarships for local high school students and college students. We supported the local fire department as well as many organizations in the Lewes-Rehoboth area." Other military and first responder organizations benefit as well. To raise these funds every year, people purchase medallions to adorn the Flag polls in memory or in honor of their heroes. The rotary club is now honoring some of THEIR heroes who contributed to the fundraiser by giving them their own medallions. Others receive larger awards. Cale Baker, a student at H.O.B. Elementary was honored for winning the Flags For Heroes art contest with his drawing of a soldier pledging to an American Flag with 13 stars for the 13 colonies. "It's an honor to live in the country and not have people from other places or harm come to us and soldiers or other people are guarding it so that we're safe," says Baker. The rotary club honors World War II veteran, Thomas Lee Creekmore. He explains how he started showing up on Flags For Heroes and other rotary club advertisements and programs over a year ago. "When they were putting the flags at the high school, I showed up in my uniform and when Jim Ruth saw me, he all had to take pictures of me." Creekmore was a WWII radio operator and B-17 bomber who was part of a mission that helped rescue over 6,000 prisoners of war. Anyone who wants to get involved with the fundraiser or purchase a medallion for their hero should contact the Lewes-Rehoboth Rotary club before the next Flags For Heroes Display goes up in May.