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Whaleyville Family Loses Almost Everything to House Fire

Updated: Oct 30, 2018 10:23 PM
By Mallory Metzner

(WHALEYVILLE, Mar.) - Imagine you and your family lose everything you own in just minutes. One Worcester County family is living through that after a devastating fire. Now friends, family, and even strangers are stepping in to help. Lora and Andy Luzier lived in a farmhouse in Whaleyville with their 3 children for 13 years until a fire erupted, forcing them to get out. "I woke up to all of the fire alarms going off and ADT was calling my cell phone," Andy recalls. "There was smoke in the hallway, smoke in the living room. I went to see the source and found that the garage was fully involved at that point." Luckily the Luzier's themselves were able to escape the fire but they lost their home, their cars, one of their dogs, and all of their belongings. "There's nothing left downstairs to take with us. Every piece of furniture is burnt and everything through about 70% of the upstairs is gone. My room has some things left intact, but they're not usable," says Andy. Andy says they haven't been told what the official cause of the fire is, but he says firefighters think it might have been an electrical outlet in the garage. Lisa Brown is one of Lora Luzier's best friends. She's thankful for the overwhelming amount of help that has arrived so quickly. "They are very well-known, very adored in the community. Everyone who's grown up here is really reaching out, school friends from both Andy and Lora's year of graduation. They've really come together with dropping off donations, food, cards, gift cards, money to help them get back on their feet," she says. A fundraiser was started on Facebook Monday. Thousands of dollars started coming in by the hour. For that, the Luziers are very grateful. "I just can't even name all of the places that stuff has come from as much as people just driving up into our driveway and taking everything they have out of their wallets and saying 'here it's only $44. It's yours,'" says Andy. The Luzier's will be moving into another family member's rental home where they will keep moving forward, taking everything one step at a time. If you want to help the Luziers, you can make a donation to the Facebook fundraiser: https://www.facebook.com/donate/696659067374909/