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Pip the Beach Cat to Share Social Media Famous Adventures Through a Guide Book

Updated: Dec 10, 2018 8:55 PM
By Mallory Metzner

(OCEAN CITY, Mar.) - Over the past few months, a kitten named Pip has come to call Ocean City home. He enjoys snacking on Fisher's popcorn, chasing seagulls, and now even playing mini golf. "Looks like he had a good time and hopefully he'll come back and play some more with us," says Larry Shockley at Old Pro Golf after Pip's first trip to play there. Pip is capturing hearts everywhere he goes. "He kind of shows the town off," says Shockley. Kids love meeting him. His owner Emily Meadows says they run up to him when they see him and she even lets them walk him around on his harness. "I walked him around the arcade and it was really fun," says Brielle, who lives in both Berlin and Ocean Pines. With the help of Emily, he's looking to give back to the community. Pip is in training to become a therapy cat and he's also working on a guide book from which a portion of the proceeds will go to charity. Emily explains, "That's what we want in the book is everything that a kid has to do when they get here and maybe some things they may be nervous about doing, like trying crabs for the first time, and Pip's going to show them that it's not scary, it's fun. We're doing events where a charity in town says 'oh we want Pip to come and sell his book at our event', we'll donate $3 from every book sold to their charity specifically that day." "Pip's Guide to Ocean City" takes readers of all ages to about 30 of the locations he likes to visit throughout town, including Playland here on the boardwalk. It's all told through his point of view. "We're doing anything that's super accessible, so we're not talking about sit-down restaurants or anything like that. We're talking about places that Pip can actually go and enjoy," says Emily. One of Pip's favorite games is skee ball and Playland is proud to say that he's become a regular. "You see a lot of people on the boardwalk, but not so many with a cat and and he's unique and he likes to chase the ball and see the lights and all the action. He comes to the arcade for the same reason everyone else does, says Supervisor, Jeff Jankowski. Illustrators are currently sketching out "Pip's Guide to Ocean City" and a rough draft is written. The final version is expected to hit shelves late April or early May. Emily says that Pip's social media pages serve as a digital companion to his book. Follow him on Instagram @imfeelingpipsy and like his Facebook page: Pip the Beach Cat for a more detailed look at his adventures.