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Millsboro Recruiting National Sit-Down Restaurants and Retailers

Posted: Jan 9, 2019 10:30 PM
By Mallory Metzner

(MILLSBORO, Del.) - Millsboro Town Manager, Sheldon Hudson says that Millsboro is currently the fastest growing town in Sussex County based on recent growth in its residential areas. Town Council has big plans for a highway packed with sit-down restaurants and a shopping district flourished with retailers. They've contracted a partnership with Buxton, a retail match making firm in Texas. Hudson explains, "The town of Millsboro became the first city in the entire state of Delaware to partner with Buxton and they've provided us a wealth, a real treasure trove of data that's helping us to recruit the retail and restaurants that our residents would like to see." Through a $50,000 budget, Buxton will jumpstart recruitment for the establishments that residents want most. Sheldon says they've received a lot of feedback from residents already. "What we're hearing predominately is people would like to see sit-down restaurants and then on the retail side we get a lot of requests for Target, Hobby Lobby, clothing stores as well." The town is committed to investing both downtown and throughout its stretch of route 113. Hudson says that national restaurant chains will take to the highway, while downtown will be reserved for smaller, boutique-like clothing stores and mom and pop shops. Many local shops and restaurants agree that competition is healthy and contribute to the growth of the town. Store owners are looking forward to all of the customers these big chain restaurants and national retail brands could bring through their doors. "It brings more people in town, more businesses. I think competition is healthy and vital to a growing community. Am I a huge supporter of chain restaurants? No," says Jessica Wiggins, who owns Blue Water Grill. She believes there is room for both local and national businesses. Owner of Past and Present Gifts and Collectibles, Judi Thouroughgood agrees. "The more the merrier. I think it would be good for everyone to have more opportunities for places to eat and places to shop and I think it would attract people from other areas to the town of Millsboro," she says. The town is working with Buxton to recruit as many retailers and restaurants as they can between now and when the contract ends in June. Taco Bell, Avid Hotels, and a steakhouse franchise are some of the businesses likely to open up shop in Millsboro in the near future.