Punkin' Chunkin' Organizers Announce Return | WRDE

Punkin' Chunkin' Organizers Announce Return | WRDE

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Punkin' Chunkin' Organizers Announce Return

Updated: Feb 8, 2019 8:35 PM
By Bill Shull

(SUSSEX COUNTY, Del.) The world famous Punkin' Chunkin competition plans to be back this fall. 
On Friday, organizers announced plans to host another Punkin' Chunkin after being dormant for two years on Delmarva. President Frank Payton says despite rumors to the contrary, the non-profit did not dissolve in the past two years, and now they're focused on finding a 2019 location.
"It is up to the community if you want to see us return," he says. "We are hoping to stay a Delaware tradition. If we can't be a Delaware tradition, we want to be a Delmarva tradition. Of course if we can't do that, we hope to be an American tradition."
Payton says soliciting feedback is key in the next few months, as the organization searches for a parcel of land large enough to host the festivities--ideally 600 acres.
"There's some aspects of going to Maryland or Virginia  that entice us from a liability standpoint, different from Delaware, so we want to keep our options open," he says. "We want to see what the future of Punkin Chunkin is."
Punkin Chunkin's future was questioned in 2016, when a woman was seriously injured at the event.  Payton says organizers are committed to continuing tradition and are grateful to be moving on.
"The litigation is over. There was no liability found on part of the association," he says. "We feel comfortable and confident that we want to return as the tradition that we've had since 1986."
Payton says last year, a sanctioned  "Punkin Chunkin Colorado" event was held in Aurora, Colorado. Organizers say in the coming months, that event and its participants will be recognized.
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