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A Beautification Effort to Spark Friendly Competition in Ocean Pines

Updated: Apr 24, 2019 8:52 PM
By Mallory Metzner

(OCEAN PINES, Md.) - An annual beautification effort sparks a friendly competition amongst neighbors in Ocean Pines. Contestants are starting to prep floral displays that will be judged, but they'll also help decorate the community. 


Barbara Ferger is getting ready to swap her artificial flowers out to make a fresh display.  She plans to put big flowers in her basket to make a statement. "When it's outside, you want it to be visible from the street."


Ferger will enter her floral arrangement in the Second Annual May Day Celebration in Ocean Pines, an event she got third place in last year. 


13 contestants entered last year. Anita Roberts, who chairs the celebration for the Ocean Pines Garden Club, wants to see more residents and even OP businesses enter this year. These businesses will be judged separately from the residents. 


"Our mission is to beautify Ocean Pines," says Roberts. 


That's the main reason for this friendly competition. "It's an event where we don't offer any monetary prizes," Roberts explains. "It's really the spirit of Ocean Pines, being able to get everybody together, becoming a community."


The floral arrangements may be displayed in baskets of any size, but they have to be made with fresh flowers and greens. Contestants must have them outside of their residence or business before 9 a.m. on May 1st and they must be visible from the street. The judges will ride around and award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons. 


Roberts has a system is in place for contestants to label their baskets for the judges. "They will identify the baskets by a description that they'll put in the bag next to the basket," she explains. 


There's still plenty of time to enter. Ferger doesn't even plan to get her flowers until closer to the celebration. "A good day before, because you know, I want the flowers to be fresh," she says. 


Ferger will still put in work in the meantime. "I'm going to paint the basket blue and then I'll put some oasis in and I'll get some magnolia leaves," she continues. 


To enter the celebration, email Anita Roberts: anitain38op@gmail.com



The Ocean Pines Garden Club has another project underway. Members will have a table set up at the town's farmers market on Saturday, May 11th. Their plan is to sell fresh plants and arrangements for Mothers Day.