Eclipse Glasses

As far as donations go, the organization can only accept U.S. made paperboard glasses that have the manufacturer's address and contact info and that bear the ISO logo. 

MILTON, Del.- The Milton Public Library has solar eclipse glasses available along with various other items for next weeks partial solar eclipse. Excitement is building for this rare celestial event here along the coast.

Delmarva will not see a total solar eclipse, instead the sun will only be eclipsed by 85-90%. This means it is vitally important to use solar eclipse glasses or other styles of solar viewers to safely watch the eclipse.

The library told CoastTV News it is just excited to help connect people with the sciences.

“This is a golden opportunity for people to engage firsthand with the sciences and the library is just really excited to be a part of this,” explained Pat Young, a library assistant at the Milton Public Library.

Many people were streaming through the library's doors today to pick up a pair of glasses as the eclipse draws nearer. Several of the people CoastTV spoke to said they did not have the glasses to view the last eclipse in 2017.

“I didn’t have glasses, so I used a cardboard box and a pinhole,” explained Stacey Fox, who came to the library to snag a few pairs of glasses for her family.

The Milton Public Library says they have plenty of solar eclipse glasses, pinhole viewers, and informational bookmarks still available for people to come in and grab. The library is open every day at 10am.