Shipwreck Of The Faithful Steward
It was in September of 1785 the Faithful Steward was nearing the end of its cross Atlantic journey from Londonberry Ireland. Stormy weather drove the ship south of its intended destination Philadelphia.  Instead the faithful steward was south off the Delaware coast. The ship ran aground on a shoal and became stranded in four fathoms of water - the equivalent of 24 feet.
strong winds capsized the vessel sending 181 passengers to their death. 
Also on aboard the ship were hundreds of barrels full of coins, mostly half pennies and gold rose guinees. The coins would find there way to shore over the years. A number of them at the beach on the north inlet of the Indian River.  The abundance of coins found is what gave that beach its name Coin Beach. Coins were still being found on the beach into the mid 20th century.
The marker was erected in 2017 and can be found the right of the south bound lane of Coastal Highway - a short walk from the beach were all the coins were found.