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REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. - Three cats at the Delaware Humane Association can't be around all of their other feline friends at the shelter due to an immunodeficiency virus, but that doesn't make them any less loving or playful.

Surrey, Magic and Alfie are all FIV positive and hoping for their happily ever afters. The trio of male cats ranges in age from 1 to 2 years. Surrey has the shiny brown and white coat, Magic is the orange tabby, Alfie is the tuxedo cat.

According to Rehoboth Beach Adoption Center Director Leigh Dempsey, Magic's magic trick is that he likes to give headbutts.

"FIV positive cats can be together because they each have the same immunodeficiency disease," Dempsey says. "It's ideal if they are all gentle cats so that there's not a lot of hissing and fighting going on, and they can even be around dogs. They just shouldn't be put into a home with a non-FIV cat."

Dempsey says FIV is a slow moving disease that doesn't necessarily shorten a cat's lifespan tremendously.

"They just need to be kept up to date with their veterinarian visits," Dempsey says. "Other than that they can live long, healthy happy lives just like any other cat."

Dempsey says stay tuned for upcoming adoption promotions at DHA.

Click here to adopt Surrey, Magic, Alfie or another pet.

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