Fishermen Donate To Maryland Food Bank

Fishermen Donate To Maryland Food Bank

(OCEAN CITY, MD) - Only one more day remains in the White Marlin Open. The fishermen have their eyes set on reeling in the biggest fish. But most don't keep what they catch. Instead, they donate it to the Maryland Food Bank. Food Sourcing Manager for the Maryland Food Bank Butch Langenfelder said they expect to collect one thousand pounds in five days. The food is then distributed to families across Maryland.

"So what the anglers bring in the fish on board it is iced down right as it is brought on board so the process is all under refrigeration,"said Langenfelder.

Langenfelder said the process does not pose any safety risk as the food is delivered within 24 hours.

"Between 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. at night after the event it goes to the soup kitchens,"said Langenfelder

Dave Redline from Pennysylvania likes attending this event. He said the Maryland Food Bank and the White Marlin partnership is good for the community

"This is a great thing and you know they are donating food rather than throwing it away,"said Redline.