Lewes Says Goodbye to Tim McClanahan

Lewes Says Goodbye to Tim McClanahan

(LEWES, De.) - People from all over the country gather at Cape Henlopen High School to pay their final respects to fallen volunteer firefighter, Tim McClanahan.

Firetrucks and American flags paint the town in a unified sea of red.

Dennis Carradin, Clinical Director, says, "We have been blown away by the absolute support the community has given down here."

The high school auditorium opens its doors for a public viewing Sunday afternoon. Joe Zeroles, President of the Delaware Fire Service, did not personally know McClanahan, but came to pay his respects. "I've seen him around, and saw him at fire school. he was an instructor there."

His funeral services and procession follow shortly afterwards. Flashing lights and sirens echo through the streets of Lewes as firetrucks make their final trip to the main station.

Zeroles says, "it's a very devastating day for the Delaware fire community."

McClanahan fell from a helicopter during a training exercise last Monday in Georgetown.

Although he has answered his last call, Carradin says his memory will forever remain etched in people's hearts. "My heart completely sank. I mean initially you go with him and his death but you have to go to the family, you know his son and daughter and then obviously your heart sinks for the Lewes Fire Department."