New Coastal Flooding Report Makes Waves on Delmarva

New Coastal Flooding Report Makes Waves on Delmarva

(LEWES, Del)- According to a report released Wednesday by the Union of Concerned Scientists, tidal flooding will become a chronic problem over the next fifteen years.

In the report, the mid-Atlantic region was specifically cited as one of the areas which will notice the most drastic changes.

"The number of people that have moved here within the past twenty or thirty years just makes the area more susceptible," explained Director of Marine Advisory, James Falk, University of Delaware.

The Data claims Delmarva can expect around one hundred and fifty tidal floods by the year 2030.

This is largely due to global warming and its effect on the polar ice sheets.

The study says the predicted floods may not be catastrophic.

However, they could damage key infrastructure such as bridges, roadways and coastal property.

We sat down with Realtor and coastal home owner, Donna Klimowicz, to discuss how this will affect property value.

"Flood insurance is a big concern because the government has decided to stop subsidizing it," explained Klimowicz, Milford. "Property values have dropped as a result of that because the cost of federal flood insurance has gone from literally hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars."

The University of Delaware says there are one hundred and seventy square miles of flood plain in Sussex County. That amounts to about eighteen percent of the county.