162 Missing Books Get Replaced at Lewes Public Library

LEWES, Del.- In the place where books are kept, sometimes a book or two goes missing.

In this case, 162 books went missing from the children's section of the Lewes Public Library.

The Children's Librarian, Jennifer Noonan at Lewes Public Library said, "Look, I mean, lost books is just a part of library business. It's not always malicious. It's almost never malicious and it's not always negligent on the patron's part. I mean, just life happens, especially with families and kids books, it's just a part of it."

Jennifer Noonan made the Facebook post asking for help and the call was answered by the community in Lewes, over $1,000 dollars worth of books were donated.

Janet Roca donated a book to the cause, "What we had done was, I purchased a book through Amazon, it was a Stacey Abrams book and with my eye on diversity and Miss Jenn agreed with me, I donated the book to the library."

Those who use the library often aren't surprised at the outpouring of donations like Linda Lane, "I think it's wonderful. I think the people in Lewes, our community, they like their library, its a beautiful library and I think it's great that people stepped up."

People stepping up and knowing how important libraries are to the community, like one local Mom Krystal Smith-Rychleski said, "I think that's great because the kids need the books. It's very important for me and my son because it's part of our routine and I'm here every week."

Even the kids who come to the library know how much it means like Eliza who said, "I like the library, because I like to go to the library."

If you missed your chance to donate, you can now, locally at Browse About Books in Rehoboth Beach. Any book that you want donated is as easy as making a purchase and telling Browse About that you would like to donate to the Lewes Public Library. 

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