A Local Bird Is Set To Star In An Upcoming Movie

HARBESON, Del.- A local celebrity doesn't take the form you might expect.

Meet Magic the Umbrella Cockatoo, a bird that has a book and is starring in an upcoming movie.

He even has been hired to be a greeter at weddings.

Magic lives at M and D Bird farm in Harbeson, and owner Danton Sherwood says he is no regular bird.

"He plays with the internet, he plays with the customers, he drives a car," he said. "This guy is a prima diva!"

Magic is starring in a movie called 'Le Parrot'- a comedy about a family that has to deal with a talkative parrot at a funeral. Sherwood says people come to the store to see Magic, and the decision to let Magic star in the movie was an easy one.

"When the director called, and said, 'I believe you have a bird that would be perfect for my movie.' We went to Magic and said, 'Magic, would you like to do that?' and he said something like 'Of course!'"

"Le Parrot" is set to premiere at a film festival in New York City in April.