royal farms

MILTON, Del. - In Tuesday's Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, Milton commissioners unanimously approved a final site plan for a Royal Farms. 

The location of the gas station in the final site plan is between Cedar Creek Road, Union Street, and the Milton-Ellendale Highway, which some locals say is already a busy location. 

"The more and more people that come here, the more crowded it's going to get. The roads are going to get more crowded," says Milton local Kevin Mazur.

DelDOT has also approved the final site plan, which includes adding lanes along the two entrances and making the gas station smaller than originally proposed, a size of 5,154 sq ft. 

Some people in Milton think the town could use a Royal Farms. 

"I think it would just clear some of the clutter up from here," says Luther Dashiell.

Engineers on behalf of Royal farms say they will now submit the plan for final approval from the town to get a building permit.