Code Purple Sussex County Kicks Off for the Winter

MILFORD, Del.- It's cold outside and only getting colder and with the cold comes a problem that is not new to Sussex county, homelessness.

Operation Cold Purple kicked off this week. This weekend was the first of the year at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford. They had more people come to find refuge, then last year around this time.

Tom Chilton who organizes Code Purple at Avenue United said, "That was Friday night and I was really surprised because we had six guests. Last year for the first in December is very slow. We had one or two maybe almost a whole month. So I was surprised we had six guests on Friday."

So with that increase, there's one main thing Code Purple shelters need...volunteers.

Gissela Cruz, Code Purple Sussex County Coordinator said, "Volunteers especially for overnight, that's the hardest one because the volunteer gets to stay and you know, oversee everybody at the shelter....only time we will not open the shelters, we don't have volunteers."

Code Purple tells us they could also use cleaning supplies and food. 

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