Key Bridge Response 2024

Key Bridge Response 2024

BALTIMORE, Md. - Salvors working under the Key Bridge Response Unified Command successfully refloated and relocated the M/V Dali on the morning of Monday, May 20, marking a significant step in the ongoing recovery efforts at the Port of Baltimore.

According to Key Bridge Response 2024, the M/V Dali was moved with the assistance of five tugboats and additional support vessels, was towed and pushed 2.5 miles to a local marine terminal, arriving at approximately 9 a.m.

This operation has enabled all pre-collapse deep-draft commercial vessels to resume entry and exit through the Port of Baltimore, a crucial development for the region's maritime commerce.

Key Bridge Response 2024 says that the federal channel is anticipated to soon have an operational width of 400 feet to a depth of 50 feet. Following the removal of the 158-foot-wide M/V Dali, crews equipped with crane and barge assets will continue to remove any remaining bridge wreckage until the channel is restored to its original width of 700 feet and all steel below the mudline is cleared.

Oversight of the remaining steel and concrete removal outside the federal channel will be managed by the Maryland Transportation Authority.