5 points intersection

LEWES, Del. - DelDOT and Sussex Coutny are working on a transportation study to reduce congestion and improve safety at the Five Points intersection in Lewes.

In Monday night's meeting, they told the public they are considering re-painting lane markings for visibility, making signs at the intersection bigger and clearer to read, and re-programming the signals at the intersection to reduce drivers wait time.

DelDOT consultant and facilitator of Monday night's meeting, Andrew Bing, says, "As situations change [DelDOT] is able to tweak signals to try to make sure that traffic on South Route 1 is flowing as well as possible, but also allowing adequate time for people who are coming from the side roads to get onto South Route 1."

Lewes resident Suzanne Hain doesn't think these changes will make much of a difference.

"I wish that they were working on an overpass for Route 1 instead of at Route 16. Route 16 doesn't have nearly as much traffic," says Hain.

DelDOT says multiple projects need to be completed before a plan for the intersection is finalized, which, could take years.