DUI's Are Up in Delaware

DELAWARE - Delaware is known for its beaches, views, and tourism. But in recent years one study says that the first state is full of DUI's. A new study shows that Delaware has had an increase in fatal crashes, especially with alcohol.

"You know, normally we go through and look if there's anything that's different in the data. Could we have missed something? Could there be an aberration that we don't know about? But we look at DUIs going all the way back to 2010 and there was this pattern that Delaware had of increasing DUIs. Well we have seen 115% almost increase since 2010." said Senior Research Analyst Nick VinZant.

While the data proves that Delawareans could be more careful on the road,

police say they are continuing to pursue ways of combating drunk driving with DUI Saturation Patrols.

"We will take troopers and have them focus on certain areas where our statistics are showing where there have been a specific increase in DUIs and we also utilize roadside checkpoints especially around holidays that are notorious for people driving under the influence." said Sr. Cpl. Leonard DeMalto of the Delaware State Police.

What's as sad as the statistics in this report is the uncomfortable situation that local businesses face when trying to prevent someone from drinking and driving.

"Yeah we'll start by giving them a water. That's the best way to start the conversation. We're going to cut them off, tell them we're cutting them off. They don't necessarily take kindly to that sometimes and you know we got to kick them out of here, but even when we kick them out of here we try to make sure they're still getting home safe whether it be me buying an Uber for someone or my staff, just to make sure that somebody is getting home safe to their family." said AJ Borrero.

Big Chill Cantina lets visitors leave their car overnight in the parking lot if they find themselves needing an alternative way home. Despite the state's high DUI's, it is not doing so bad overall.

"Delaware has seen an increase in recent years in DUIs, but it still has one of the lowest rates nationwide." said VinZant. 

For more information on this study, you can visit quotewizard.com.

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