Delaware Coastal Airport

SUSSEX COUNTY, Del.- A video from the Miami Herald was recorded by one of the migrants on Monday.

The migrants were told in Spanish they were getting on a plane the next day.

"So what we provide is transportation to this state," the recruiter said. "I believe tonight they tell us where we are going and there we take you to a place well to a community of support."

Miami Herald Investigative Reporter Nicholas Nehemas tells WRDE promises were made to these migrants.

"They were promised a free trip to somewhere closer to their families where there's more jobs and opportunities," Nehemas said. "And the night before they were supposed to leave, they found out the destination would be Delaware."

Tuesday morning the 20 Venezuelan men were told they weren't going anywhere except back to the migrant resource center. Not all of the men made it back there.

"At least five of them didn't realize the bus had arrived and ended up being stranded at the hotel which is about ten miles from the migrant resource center," Nehemas said. "You know these are desperate people. They don't have the money to afford a taxi or an Uber."

Another Miami Herald Investigative Reporter Sarah Blaskey spoke with one of the migrants stuck at the hotel on Wednesday.

"When did you realize that there wasn't a flight," Blaskey asked.

"They told us yesterday that the flight was canceled and we don't know when the flight will take place," one migrant said. "So, we can't have you here anymore. And they gave us this bus to leave. I imagine that are going to take us to the refuge bit I have no money none of us here have money. We just want to reach our destination."

It is still unclear if and when a migrant flight is coming to Delaware.