MILLSBORO, Del. - The high temperatures may be dangerous, but they're not stopping people from enjoying their summer or flocking to the beach. July started off blistering hot and that trend continues.

Golf flags could be seen blowing in a hot breeze on Wednesday at the Peninsula Golf and Country Club. Head Golf Professional Will Scarborough says the heat won't cancel any golf tournaments. Dedicated duffers just take precautions as they tee off.

"We certainly ensure that they stay hydrated," Scarborough says. "We've got beverage carts running, Gatorade available. On a day like this, we'll even have my staff ice down towels and make those readily available for our members."

As for the course itself, Scarborough says weathering the heat involves watering the greens.

"Some of the provisions we might take are trying to set blocks in the afternoon so my staff can get out there and water the greens in between play," Scarborough says. 

The heat may be putting a strain on some plants and East Coast Garden Center manager Katie Short says too much water can stress them out even more.

"You don't want to go too aggressive with irrigation," Short says. "If they are newly planted, you're probably going to want to water them every other day, something like that."

The garden center is blowing the whistle on the high heat as they guard their greenery.

"Plants and flowers go down quick," Short says. "There are certain plants that go down faster than others and we have to pay attention to what those varieties are and hit them multiple times a day."

The City of Rehoboth Beach issued an urgent water conservation appeal on Sunday saying its water system has been under strain due to a combination of high temperatures, a surge in visitors, and limited rainfall.

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