Healthcare Professionals Warn About Travel During Tripledemic

DELAWARE- As sickness surges, healthcare professionals are encouraging precautions while traveling for the holidays. 

RSV, flu and COVID-19 cases have been on the rise for weeks. Lindsay Albanese, a doctor with Atracare, is anticipating another surge after the holidays.

"A lot of times people don't know they may have been exposed by friends before they meet up with their family. Usually a few days after family events up to a week we see a rise," Albanese said. 

As many Delawareans prepare to travel for the holidays, DPH is encouraging precautions as the healthcare system is already strained. They are encouraged more handwashing, masking and social distancing practices to avoid getting sick. 

Doctor William M. Chasanov said healthcare professionals are carefully monitoring the viruses' as numbers increase. 

"We are closely monitoring what is happening our respiratory season this year knowing it is different than it has been the last few years," Chasanov said. 

Many doctors agree that vaccination is the best way to stay protected against these viruses. 

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