Sober Celebrations

DELAWARE/MARYLAND- For many, it's the greatest time of year. But for some, it can feel like the loneliest. Those struggling with addiction, and those in recovery, can find it difficult to enjoy the holidays.

"This time of the year if you're early in recovery it can be very lonely because quite often family members don't want you at their house because you can't be trusted because of past behavior," said Sue Rodden with Atlantic Club.

The holiday season in Delaware this year was off to a heartbreaking start. According to Delaware Health and Social Services, in November of this year, 43 people died from suspected overdoses in Delaware. 21 of those people were from New Castle County, 18 from Sussex County, and four from Kent County.

"Christmas and especially the new year become a very difficult time for anybody who is struggling, especially if you have mental health issues along with addiction issues. The suicide rate goes up and so does the rate of relapse," said Rodden.

On Christmas Day, Atlantic Club is having a meeting followed by Christmas Dinner. New Year's Eve, the club has a party followed by sober events on New Year's Day.

"You have the family in a safe place to be, with people who will love you until you can love yourself again," said Rodden.

The Atlantic Club is open 24/7. If you or someone you love is in need of help, call 410.213.1007

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