Ocean City Boardwalk

Under the regulations, shops must adhere to Ocean City's guidelines about how far their merchandise can extend onto the boardwalk and what types of items can be displayed outside their stores.

OCEAN CITY, Md -The distance boardwalk businesses can display merchandise and marijuana business licenses, both topics are scheduled to get a public hearing Tuesday night in Ocean City.  A temporary policy for boardwalk's stores went into effect last month when the council voted for stricter enforcement. The debate is over how far outside the store can its goods be put on display. Where a verbal warning was issued in the past for a first offense, now a store that is found in violation can be fined $500. The Council says it is using the summer season as a test period and will re-evaluate in the fall how effective the stricter policy was.

People wanting to apply for license for a business that grows, sells, and/or processes marijuana are waiting for a moratorium on licenses to expire in September. The moratorium was extended in March, the second time since recreational marijuana became legal in Maryland in 2023.


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