Milton Parks Committee Discusses Geese and Shorelines

Milton Memorial Park

MILTON, Del. - Managing geese populations and eroding shorelines... That is what's on tonight's agenda for the Milton Parks Committee meeting. The meeting is set to begin at 5:30 p.m. and expected to go till 6:30 p.m.

These are two issues that the committee continues to face but hopes to resolve in the next few months.

The geese in Milton's parks are an ongoing issue as they leave droppings on pathways and can become aggressive, according to some locals, "When the geese are very active, the walkway is covered and I know its driven me away and I know a lot of other people too." said Betty Kraft, who frequently walks her dog at Memorial Park.

But the Parks Committee is discussing a way to honk back at the geese to get them out of the park. This solution would not harm the birds or the environment, "- this spray would basically make the grass just too bitter for them to eat and so they would hopefully just travel somewhere else and maybe congregate there." said Scotty Edler, Parks Committee Member.

The shoreline of the Broadkill River in Memorial Park is also being addressed as it continues to get worse.

"Over the last ten to fifteen years I would say its really eroded to the point that the rocks, the rip rap that's there is basically falling into the river and you can actually look down and see the black paper that the rocks have been put on," said Edler, "-so it's starting to get to the point where we're worried about erosion for the park and that park is one of the... I'd say diamonds of the town and we want to protect that as much as possible."

One option is to obtain help from DNREC's Living Shoreline Cost Share Program. The program provides funding to use natural materials to stabilize shorelines.

A local to Milton said, "It's important. It's something that is overlooked and it shouldn't be overlooked because we really need to keep up with it. A lot can change with the environment that will affect the waterways."

The Parks Committee is looking to send out a town wide survey to get Miltonian's opinions on these parks in the next couple of months.