Andrew Williams

LEWES, Del. - After eight years, Lewes has elected a new mayor, Andrew Williams. Although Williams won by a small margin, he has big plans in mind.

"I think what made me an appealing candidate is I was born here. I went away for school in part of my career. Then I returned to Lewes, so I brought that dual perspective of what sort of character of Lewes brought people here in the first place, and what are the challenges and how do you incorporate yourself as a new person coming into Lewes and Sussex County," said Williams.

As mayor, Williams aims to encourage community interaction, develop a diversified economy, and improve transparency in the city.

"That can come in various ways again maybe how we are messaging in the press, how we involve the citizens through committees, or empowering individual citizens, and giving them the opportunity to have access to us," he said.

Williams says the biggest issue Lewes faces is growth.

"How does Sussex County as a whole work through the development that has gone on and continues to ... and how can Lewes be a voice in that process and look after our own development and make sure that's done in a safe way," said Williams.

Another issue, no life guards for this summer season. Williams says they are working now to staff for next year.

"We also will have to continue to coordinate with other stakeholders whether that's EMS, Beebe, the police and the Parks and Rec head will have to continue to 1. get the message out that there needs to be an individual responsibility around safety this year," said Williams.

Williams will be sworn in on Monday, May 23, at 6:30 p.m. at the next mayor and city council meeting.

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