Paul Journey

DELMARVA- Chief Meteorologist Paul Williams takes us on a video journey battling prostate cancer. Paul Williams was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2021 after a routine blood test. Following this test he found out that he had an elevated level of cancer present in his body and decided to document his journey in dealing with this deadly disease. The purpose of this series is to help others who may face the same challenge and need encouragement, or knowledge or simple information on what to expect and what to anticipate when dealing with such a common disease; which is more prevalent in African-American men who often go undiagnosed, until it's too late to really have any true intervention that can be successful.

Chief Meteorologist Paul Williams' Series:

Episode 1- What Happens When You Get Prostate Cancer?

Episode 2 - Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer 

Episode 3 - Hormone Treatments & Financial Help

Episode 4 -What You Should Ask Before Radiation Treatments 

Episode 5 - Preamble To Radiation treatment

Episode 6- Inside Look At Radiation Treatments

Episode 7 -Daily Radiation Treatments Preparation

Episode 8- Support Structure for Survival

Episode  9 - Radiation Treatments for Prostate Cancer Work?

Episode 10 - Reflections Lessons & Observations

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