Road work Near Peddler's Village Delayed

LEWES, Del. - A project that has wreaked havoc on small businesses in Peddler's Village was supposed to end tomorrow, but mother nature had other plans.

This roadwork began at the end of summer last year. Some small businesses in Peddler's Village said they are still suffering the consequences of this roadwork.

"We're sitting around right now. Literally this time we're usually cutting hair. There's four of us and we're all sitting right now." said manager at Peddler's Barbershop, Danielle Wessells.

Even though roadwork is still underway, other shops tell me that business is starting to get back to normal, "Since construction started it's definitely slowed down once they closed the intersection but honestly the last couple of weeks its picked back up and hopefully they will be finishing shortly." said Kris Adams, owner of Mattress Peddlers.

The road is being widened and turning lanes are being extended. Two entrances are currently back open at the shopping center, however the daily changes to the roadway and closures is confusing for some of the businesses customers.

Customer Marion Ponton said, "I don't find new roads very well and it's like a maze trying to get in here and getting out."

But the owner of All About Hair, Tammy Cooney, is grateful the road will be better, "I hope they do a really good job putting it back together. I hope it looks way better than it did."

More changes like adding crosswalks at the intersection and bike lanes are expected to help with the traffic.

According to DelDOT, the roadwork is expected to now be complete by May 12.