Route One Motel Has Some Worried About Housing for Homeless

LEWES, Del.- The Driftwood Motel on Route One has closed its' doors after 44 years of business. 

It helped the homeless in the past, and now homeless advocates are wondering where people can go to get out of the cold. 

Advocates like Toni Short with Lighthouse For Broken Wings are worried about the lack of options for homeless people. She says more and more people are being forced out into the cold.

"I have a ninety five year old woman in her car laying in her backseat," she said. "I'm running out of funds as well. My clients are going to be out on the street in a couple of days."

But some like Gary Honig of Maryland say change is inevitable.

"The advocates that are trying to help these people probably are better spent spending their energy on finding alternative places, than complaining about something that is gone," he said.

The owners of the motel told WRDE that they did sell the property to a company based in New Jersey, but it is unclear what the future of the motel could hold.

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